ProVEDA® Guarantee

ProVEDA®’s therapeutic products were developed in partnership with the Dabur Research Foundation (DFR), a world leader in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest medical systems, and remains the basis of India’s healthcare today.

Our moisture-rich products blend earth-based traditional Ayurvedic ingredients, including various plant extracts combined with the modern scientific discoveries of plant stem cells for their antioxidant activity and soothing broad-spectrum CBD (no THC) for an overall sense of well being.

• ProVEDA® provides professional-grade therapeutic products that are verified safe and effective.

• ProVEDA® utilizes traditional Ayurvedic earth-based ingredients combined with modern scientific discoveries of plant stem cells, and soothing and moisturizing broad-spectrum CBD for an overall feeling of well being.

• Our exclusive proprietary delivery system, MAXIMUM ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY™, is a three-phase procedure requiring very specific ingredients mixed at a specific temperature, speed, and duration. This combination allows faster penetration and deeper absorption so the active ingredients menthol and camphor can get to the pain and provide the relief you desire.

• ProVEDA® products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities in the U.S. under strict regulatory cGMP compliance to ensure the highest quality control standards.

• ProVEDA® uses soothing & moisturizing broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp (THC-Free) and is sourced from U.S. farms for the utmost purity.