From Boomer Esiason to professional athletes, and people who want to enjoy their favorite activities comfortably, ProVEDA® products provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, strains, and bruises.

Dr. Terri Bechtel, Physical Therapist, ProVEDA® MAX user

“As a physical therapist, I help people deal with pain every day. And I have become such a strong advocate for ProVEDA® MAX for my patients. ProVEDA® MAX truly gets to the pain.”


Dr. Michael Galitzer, Integrative Medicine Pioneer, ProVEDA® MAX user

“You know, pain relievers, or analgesics, have not changed over time. It’s the same old story, the same old recipe. If it isn’t ibuprofen, it’s aspirin. Both of those have side effects on your stomach and on your kidneys. So ProVEDA® does not have the side effects. It creates the pain relief.”


Dr. Manu Jaggi, Chief Scientific Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Dabur Research Foundation

“Camphor & menthol have a beautiful aroma and make you feel good. They have a nice cooling effect. With ProVEDA®, we finally have an answer to pain relief.”

Boomer Esiason, Football Legend, ProVEDA® MAX user

“I spent decades on one football field or another. I know all about pain. And now I know all about pain relief, thanks to ProVEDA®.”

Kraig Chiles, Professional Soccer Player, ProVEDA® MAX user

“I’m going into my fourteenth professional [soccer] season, and it’s not getting any easier on my body… and ProVEDA® has really helped me stay ready to go.”

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Garry, ProVEDA® MAX User

“It really digs deep inside. And it really warms the inside of it. And it reduced the pain.”



Bonnie, ProVEDA MAX User

“If you use ProVEDA™, it will help you. At least, it helped me. And as long as it helped me, I figure it’s probably going to help other people. It’s a wonderful feeling to not be in pain.”

Tony, ProVEDA® MAX User

“There may be a reason that I have a little bit of knee pain. And uh, I can fly. I can jump over things. It’s funny because I see it, and I go, “I can probably jump that.” And so, I enjoy it. Having ProVEDA® to relieve me after doing something like that is a really great tool to have.”


Ealie, ProVEDA® MAX User

When I use ProVEDA® in the morning, I would say it affects my whole day. It definitely puts me in a better mood.”


Brent, ProVEDA® MAX User

“When you’re in pain, it just takes the fun out of life. Something like ProVEDA® is so easy to have access to and to use… and live a more active, healthy, more pain-free life.”

Dan, ProVEDA® MAX User

“I have small kids so we’re all running, we’re playing baseball and um my knee flares up. And if I apply ProVEDA® to it, it’ll take that down a couple of notches, and temporarily relieve that pain.”

Chuck, ProVEDA® MAX User

“It was amazing to me. This was the first time that I’ve really had some relief.”



Pickleball Players, post-game after using ProVEDA® MAX

“I find that my back feels wonderful; it’s loose; it’s comfortable.”
“I don’t have any actually any pain right now, to be honest, which is amazing.”


Jesse, ProVEDA® MAX User

“I can actually feel a difference once I apply it!”


Pickleball players: first-time ProVEDA® MAX users

“And after playing for almost an hour, I find that my back feels wonderful. It’s loose. It’s comfortable.”

“I have zero pain after using ProVEDA®.”

“When I use the ProVEDA®, I mean, I’m, I’m pleasantly surprised that it really works. You know, I can honestly say that, on camera, that this product is fabulous.”

“I don’t have actually any pain right now, to be honest, which is amazing.”

“I came off the court a minute ago, and I’ve gotten to the point in life now where I have to take stairs kind of one and then the other. And I just went up the stairs without even thinking about it. I haven’t been up stairs like that in years.”

“Normally, when I finish playing for two hours like I just did, my arm is on fire. And now, I have no pain, no pain. I, I really am just amazed.”

“I have no pain at all. ProVEDA® actually really worked, really well.”

“This is a bit of a game changer.”

Blaine, ProVEDA® MAX User

“I use ProVEDA® because it not only works very quickly, but it lasts quite a long time.”


Celebrities and medical professionals have been compensated for their appearance. Statements accurately reflect his/her professional opinion.