Maximum Absorption Technology™

Dr. Deepak Chopra*, Global Wellness Icon & Pioneer in Integrative Medicine, and user of ProVEDA™ Max Pain Relief Cream.

Dr. Manu Jaggi, Chief Scientific Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Dabur Research Foundation

Once applied, ProVEDA™ products use proprietary MAXIMUM ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY™ for deep, fast-acting, and long-lasting relief.


Lipid phase

In phase 1, the Lipid Phase, ingredients including CBD, terpenes, and other botanicals are mixed at a proprietary temperature.

Water phase

In phase 2, the Water Phase, water-based surfactants are mixed at proprietary temperatures.


In phase 3, the formulation undergoes high-speed homogenization which results in reduced molecular size for faster, easier absorption. The output is ProVEDA™ proprietary MAXIMUM ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY™.

*ProVEDA Partner